Raspberry and basil popsicles

A little delight on a stick. Smooth, creamy yoghurt. Berry bursting zingy raspberries. Sweet yet peppery basil. All rippled together with wild honey and frozen. Here are my summer breakfast popsicles. And yes, there is a such a thing here in #aniaskitchen Not overly sweet, they are perfect as a portable light breakfast on a hot day. Let me tell you more…

The idea came to me one morning this week as I opened my kitchen window to let the morning in whilst grabbing my staple summer breakfast of Greek yoghurt with berries. My hand brushed agains the basil bush that is happily growing on the windowsill. The peppery, almost minty scent immediately wafted up to my nose – and instead of thinking about sweet juicy tomatoes and creamy mozzarella, I thought about berries and basil. And how hot it has been over the last few days, that humid heat that makes me crave fruit like crazy and wish I had a pool to dip my toes into. So within minutes I was here in my kitchen mashing up raspberries with honey and making basil sugar. And stuffing lolly moulds. Luckily so, as the following day I overslept and ended up grabbing one of these bad boys on my way out meaning I still made it on time and didn’t skip breakfast either! Result.

These popsicles are truly delicious. The basil works so well with fruit, be it peaches, watermelon or berries. But here, together with the redness of raspberries against the creamy white yoghurt, its luscious green shade makes for a very pretty lolly too. I’m a big fan of frozen yoghurt as well as frozen fruit. I love sorbets and granitas. I think we all love lollies as they remind us of carefree days and bring out the biggest kid in us. So here is to being a kid again! You’ll need a lolly mould but clean and washed yoghurt pots will do as nicely too. Here is the recipe.


  • 250 grams of fresh raspberries
  • 2 tbs of wild honey
  • small bunch of fresh basil
  • 250 grams of Greek yoghurt
  • 2 tsp of sugar

Start by removing the leaves from the basil. Discard the stalks and place basil leaves together with the sugar and 2 tbs of yoghurt into a blender. Blend until the mix is fully combined. Set aside.

Add the raspberries into a medium bowl and mash them with a fork. Swirl through the honey and mix it well.

Using a spoon, layer the ingredients into the lolly mould starting with the yoghurt first, followed by the raspberries and basil. Stop when you reach the top. Carefully place the sticks into the lollies and cover the mould before transferring to the freezer.

Freeze overnight for best results. To remove the lolly, quickly run the mould under some warm water and slide the lolly out. Enjoy it at any time of the day!