Breakfast semolina


Tiny semolina grains suspended in hot milk / cream mixture with fresh raspberries and pomegranate bursting their ruby red juices into the pale porridge. Sweet with a hint of salt and sharpness from the fruit to deliver freshness. There really is no better breakfast for me, it’s my all time favourite.


I grew up on semolina with milk. It was given to me when I was a toddler, for breakfast as well as dinner sometimes. In fact my brother often tells the story of him feeding me in his arms with semolina and me stroking his right elbow so much that it would drive him crazy. I still find that motion very comforting. I had semolina for breakfast in my school years, on camps and trips away. Later on when I moved abroad and returned home to visit, my Mum would always make me semolina for breakfast with a side serving of fresh bread and her home made berry jam. Delicious.


Of course the semolina that was being served at home was just simply cooked with milk. These tiny grains are the coarse wheat middlings, yellowish in colour. When cooked in hot milk, they become thicker and softer. And this is how we have it on a weekday. Simply coked and served with a sprinkling of sugar. And when I say we – it means the whole household, Amber and Poppy included. They will stand patiently by my side in the kitchen, licking their lips as the smell of hot milk hits their noses.

But at the weekend, when I have a little bit more time, I like to take this breakfast to another level. To make the mixture even more creamy and luxurious, I add some double cream. And because I love the taste of salt in hot milk, there is a pinch mixed in too as well as sugar. The fruit provides a burst of freshness and the delicate sharpness of raspberries cuts through the sweet porridge. I also make a quick raspberry coulis too by microwaving a handful of raspberries with a little bit of sugar until pipping hot and sieving it over the cooked porridge. You could of course replace raspberries with other fruit if desired but I find the combination of soft raspberries an crispy pomegranate seeds at this time of the year particularly enchanting. Here is the recipe.


  • 500 ml of semi-skimmed milk
  • 125 ml of double cream
  • 15 grams of sugar
  • 5 grams of salt
  • 40 grams of semolina
  • fresh raspberries and pomegranate to serve


Place half the milk and all of the cream in a small, heavy bottomed saucepan. Mix in the salt and sugar and put it onto the stove. Cook it on a medium heat being careful not to burn the mixture. Whilst the milk is heating, mix the other half of the milk with the semolina until combined and set aside.

IMG_7442Once the milk and cream come up to the boil, add the semolina and milk mixture. Cook it on a low heat whilst whisking continuously to avoid lumps forming. Once it is boiling again, continue to cook it until the semolina is soft. This will take between 3 to 5 minutes and the porridge will  become thicker as it cooks. The colour will change to a paler cream and you will be able to see the tiny grains suspended in the hot milk.


Pour it into bowls and add the raspberries, pomegranate seeds and coulis if desired. Serve immediately whilst hot. Enjoy x