Pancakes American style

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Who said January has to be miserable and dreary? Just look at that sunshine on the plate! Light and fluffy. A perfect vessel for your choice of topping, whether you go healthy or not so, these little pancakes are moreish. Perfectly satisfying on their own but oh so good with few extras. My family cannot stop at three or four and there generally tends to be a discussion as to who deserves to have the very last one… Undoubtedly Poppy wins!

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We tend to have these at the weekend. And our choice of toppings are fresh berries, natural yoghurt, honey and syrup. But this weekend, an extra special sauce was served. One that I have mentioned here before. With sweet little raspberries, plump blueberries, tangy natural yoghurt and sweet salty caramel, these were out of this world!

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I take great pleasure in making these. The batter is easy to work with and the frying process is quick without the need for any fat. You can tell easily when the time comes to flip your pancakes over – hundreds of tiny holes popping up all over the surface of your pancakes are you indicators. I also love the individuality of their two sides. The smooth, golden brown is the first side where the batter has hit the hot frying pan and was allowed to rise. The speckled with holes and irregular patterns is the second side where the pancake was flipped over and the internal structure was broken.

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As any pancakes, they are best eaten warm. However, they do work well the following day either as breakfast or as part of packed lunch. Just make sure you allow them to cool completely before wrapping well.

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As we like our pancakes sweet, the recipe calls for sugar. However this is offset by the addition of zingy crème fraîche, so that the end result is well balanced and light.

You should achieve around 30 pancakes from the below given quantities. Let me know if you have any left overs as that is always my challenge. And no matter how well I try to hide them, Poppy is always the one to find them! Here is the recipe.


  • 300 grams of self-raising flour
  • 60 grams of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk
  • 5 tbsp of crème fraîche
  • 50 grams of salted butter, melted and cooled

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In a bowl mix together flour and sugar. Add the eggs, milk and crème fraîche. Give it all good whisk so that you end up with a thin batter. Don’t worry if there are any small lumps of flour, these will disappear.

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Now add the melted and cooled butter. Whisk the batter again and you will notice the batter becoming slightly thicker and glossy. When lifted and dropped again, the batter should leave a thin ribbon pattern.

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Heat up a frying pan. Since these contain melted butter, as long as your pan is non-stick, there is not need to add any fat to the pan. When suitably hot, drop large spoonful of batter per pancake, fry three of four pancakes at the time and allow to rise. Watch the surface carefully and when it is covered in these tiny little holes, it’s time to flip the pancakes over.

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Fry on the other side for a couple of minutes, checking from time to time. Remove when golden brown and set aside. You can easily keep these warm in the oven whilst you fry off the whole batch.


Serve with the desired choice of topping. Bananas and peanut butter. Cherries and chocolate sauce. Ice cream. Whipped cream. Clotted cream. Bacon and maple syrup. The possibilities are endless. I’d love to hear what you had yours with. Enjoy x

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