In my kitchen – May 2015

Welcome to my kitchen, I’m so happy you have taken the time to pop by. And hello May. With its abundance of greenery, floods of sunshine and air heavy with lilac scent, it has to be one of my favourite months. It heralds the anniversary of our daughter’s birth day and so there will be a birthday cake in the kitchen soon. She came into our lives to the chorus of birds waking up with the dawn. And that was about the only early morning she has ever had – those that know her well, also know she loves her sleep. A lot. So our girl’s birthday is the main focus of this month and there are birthday treats in the kitchen which have to stay hidden as I write this post.

But there are also many wonderful non-birthday related things I’d like to share with you and I am linking with Celia and fellow bloggers once again for IMK.


Sextuple of milk bottles – these are the sweetest little bottles ever and are the perfect vessel to display a selection of flowers and plants. Currently I have in these a strawberry, freesia, iris, chives, rose and alstroemeria but once the flowers are gone, I am planning on replacing these with some cut herbs. I just love them on my kitchen table alongside my new red striped tablecloth.


Matryoshka doll – also known as Russian nesting dolls, these adorn my kitchen dresser. They were brought for me by a friend when she returned home to Russia for a quick break. I admire their colour palette of reds and blues and their happy smiling faces, so pretty. Each one of them is decorated differently yet somehow you can tell they are one happy family.


Amaretti biscuits – in their beautiful tin. I am a magpie when it comes to tins and this one is certainly no exception. Amaretti biscuits are my all time favourite and Mr A knows how much I enjoy these with a cup of coffee. They are just the perfect little pick me up.


Books – few new additions rest on my kitchen shelf with these two being my current favourites. I enjoy Lisa’s style of writing as it’s not only a book of cooking instructions but a book of stories too. A girl after my own heart. The Book of Buns is proving to be very inspirational indeed with its international selection of recipes. I look forward to reading these at my kitchen table whilst enjoying cups of Earl Grey – a perfect antidote after few stressful days in the office.


Globe artichokes – because I think they are really beautiful. Not just in their flavours but also in their looks. They are sitting together with some avocados in my fruit bowl and each time I catch a glimpse of their beauty, I stop and admire them for a moment. I am not even sure whether I want to cook them! I have never done so that would be my first. If you have a recipe, I’d love to hear it please?


Jamon serrano – a whole leg of pig on the bone, dry cured and sitting in its traditional stand. This beast weights just short of 8 kilograms and is driving both dogs mad! It is absolutely delicious when thinly sliced with its specific flavour the whole family loves. Mr A is mastering the art of cutting the thinnest of slices. We have a few celebrations coming up this month and I can see this taking the centre stage each time.


Kitchen table – it’s not new but it is one of my favourite pieces of furniture because it brings the whole family together. This was our kitchen table earlier this evening. We had a relaxed meal of warm Spanish potato tortillas, sliced jamon, sweet tomatoes, crusty bread and tasty Shiraz. The food was delicious but what really made the evening, was the fact all of us were together, sharing stories, laughter and enjoying each others company. It was a lovely way to end the working week and welcome the weekend. Perfect.


Last but not least, my kitchen is full of toys. Dog toys to be precise. It’s like we have gone back in time to having toddlers – there is stuff everywhere. And it doesn’t matter how many times I tidy up, within minutes the chews, balls and stray socks make their way across the floor. I have almost given up…

So that is my kitchen right now. I look forward to celebrating birthdays and friendships, weekends away, May wedding and having my Dad here with us this month. And I’d love to hear what’s in your kitchen.

25 thoughts on “In my kitchen – May 2015

  1. I love your Jamon and the special holder – I would love both of these in my kitchen! I don’t think we’d ever leave the dining table until that whole leg was gone 😉

  2. that kitchen table looks so cosy – I had to show my partner who is from the UK because it looks so british. I think he misses central heating in Australia – we don’t really need it. Your kitchen looks very welcoming with the milk bottles and table cloths and bikkies

  3. I’ve scrolled back three times to look at the jamon. I wouldn’t be able to leave it alone so it’s probably a good thing I can’t afford one of my own. 🙂

    Your table is beautiful and I love the dog toys. I haven’t been able to teach Charlie to pick up his toys yet.

  4. Wow, that ham and stand is amazing! Is that pussy willow in the vase at end of the table? Haven’t seen that since primary school and I love it! Yes, the sharing around the table is just so good. Thanks for the peek!

  5. Ania, you have a whole leg of jamon in your kitchen? That’s amazing!! How glorious it looks sitting on your kitchen table! Happy birthday to your wee girl! And love your little milk bottle holder with flowers – so sweet!

  6. WOW Can I come to your ktichen this month to see how the jamon is sliced? 🙂
    Love the Russian dolls and have many fond memories of too!
    Thanks for this month’s IMK view also!

  7. I spied that leg of ham in the background of the heading. How absolutely decadent to have 8kg of serrano ham. But, life it too short not to enjoy these types of things so I say ‘good on you’. Meanwhile, I have to say that dog has an excellent toy selection. Spoiled much? xx

  8. That is a serious piece of cured meat. Artichokes are great, you need to take out the tough outer leaves and trim them (lots of youtube videos on how to do this) then you can stuff them and slow cook them in the oven….delicious.

  9. I can’t believe you have a whole leg of Jamon in your kitchen. I am green with envy. How on earth do you stop yourself eating it all day?! I’ve never cooked artichokes before either so I look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

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