In my kitchen – June 2015

Oh my goodness, where has May gone? It seems with all the celebrating we did, May has just flown by and a new month is upon us already. So welcome to my June kitchen. I am linking with Celia and all fellow bloggers to welcome you to my kitchen and show you around. Pleased to have you over with me today. So this is what is in my kitchen right now…


Peonies – I wish you could smell their sweet scent filling the kitchen. I love their beauty and these particular ones are just stunning. The photo doesn’t do them justice as you can barely see that each pink feathered petal is edged by a darker rose pink, like they were gently dipped in the pigment. Peonies for me are synonymous with my Mum who loved them as much as I do. When I look at them I can see her enormous smile beaming on her face and twinkly blue eyes, even more so when she was a little naughty and mischievous.


Stemmed vodka glasses – hand- decorated with platinum and a reminder of our friends wedding day. These were given out to all their guests instead of wedding favours as they entwined English and Polish cultures and heritage in their special day. It was a beautiful affair with the bride looking stunning and the groom in awe of her beauty, each one of them beaming with love and happiness. Right from the very personal sermon by the priest that moved the congregation to tears, through to all guests having a salsa dance lesson, their day and evening was simply perfect. And so every time we will use these glasses, we are sure to remember their wedding day and have an extra toast to their happy future together. And of course the quince vodka is the perfect drink to be toasting with.


Freshly picked strawberries – nearly 3 kilograms of them to be exact. We are lucky enough to live near to a farm that each year produces the most delicious strawberries as well as other fruit and vegetables. These were picked at lunch time with their flesh warmed up by the sunshine – their sweetness unrivalled in taste and aroma. A real feast for the senses. I am already planning another strawberry picking trip and getting my preserving equipment ready whilst I try to capture their delicious flavour in soft set jam and few other preserves.


Baby beetroots – all prepared and ready for another batch of beet leaves soup. I made it last weekend on the request of my Dad and remembered how much I love this soup. Served with some hard boiled egg and crusty bread, it is filling and refreshing at the same time. With the sweet and tangy notes it celebrates the simple beauty of the young beetroot and uses the whole vegetable, the leaves being the star of the show. I mean just how gorgeous are those magenta stems?


Brown butter & vanilla waffles – their caramel like smell filled the kitchen within seconds of the first batch hitting the hot plate. To the point that Mr A arrived immediately by my side in the search of the soft, warm rounds straight from the waffle iron. As did the dogs. And both children. We are mending sad hearts with their comforting embrace tonight. And they are particularly delicious with caramel and sprinkling of  Maldon sea salt. But then I am a little partial to salted caramel anyway.


Warm chocolate dipping pots – just to take the waffles to the next level. These are my new espresso cups which are perfect as a vessel for warm chocolate sauce and for dipping those gorgeous strawberries into. This was our dinner tonight. Hello naughtiness.


Mixed bouquet of flowers –  these are from my Dad as he wanted me to have some flowers to greet me instead of him once he had gone back to Poland. He has only been gone 12 hours and I miss him terribly. In fact, I was missing him already yesterday even though he was sat next to me at the kitchen table… I hate having to say goodbye to him. But am also thankful for all the minutes, hours and days we have together. He is now safely home and my heart is aching for the next time I get to hug him again…

So that is my kitchen today. It feels a little empty without my Dad pottering about with me. Florence & The Machine is playing in the background as I type this and is keeping me company. And I have few recipes to catch up on and few websites to visit to keep me busy. So thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear what is in your kitchen too.

14 thoughts on “In my kitchen – June 2015

  1. What a great strawberry haul. We used to grow them up on our old allotment and they were such a treat, but now I only have a couple of plants in a pot. Love the idea of brown butter waffles – I am going to try that out for sure. And what gorgeous flowers. Hope you get to see your dad again soon.

  2. I’m glad your dad was able to visit, but it is so sad when they leave, isn’t it? I hope the waffles helped – sounds like they did. And what a great gift from your friends – much better wedding favour than sugared almonds! 🙂 Your peony is stunning too! x

  3. Love your pink peonies! Just stunning in your kitchen. I’ve never tried vodka & quince, may try it if I get my hands on some fresh quince. And those strawberries are amazing! Thanks for a peek in your kitchen, see you next month

  4. Those waffles look like they could mend anything so I hope your sadness had abated a little. All those flowers look gorgeous! can almost smell them through the screen.

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