In my kitchen – February 2015

Happy February! And welcome to my kitchen. I cannot believe how quickly January has flown by! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site, we have gotten through the first month and I have had lots of fun blogging, tweeting and sharing on Facebook about my culinary adventures.

Once again I am taking part in Celia’s IMK gathering and showing off few of the goodies which are in my kitchen right now.

IMG_8653 1

Tulips – I have a bunch of gorgeous pink tipped tulips sat on my dresser. They are happily holding up their heads against the old ochre background, bathed in the occasional sunny day. I have placed them in a vase that was given to us by my parents many years ago and every time I look at them, I smile thinking of the happy times we shared together.


Microplane zester – a little surprise gift from Mr A. I have been lusting after one of these for months and much to my delight, it appeared in my kitchen. I am really looking forward to trying it out on the zingy limes to dress a key lime pie next week.


Sour cherries in syrup and cherry vodka – you might have gathered how much I love cherry and kirsch chocolates from my last month’s IMK. I have been lucky to find jarred sour cherries in thick syrup by chance in one of the shops. Oh my, these are utterly delicious and they actually taste like cherries! And the little bottle of Polish cherry vodka has made its appearance today too because…


Kitsch cherry and chocolate cake – is in my kitchen today. My girl was craving chocolate cake yesterday so what was I to do if not bake one for her? She has been revising hard for her many exams and working at the weekends at the same time. And as much as we encourage her to eat healthily, sleep plenty and just relax, sometimes the only aid to chilled out afternoon for her is a piece of chocolate cake. This one is laced in cherry syrup and vodka mentioned above, layered with mascarpone cream and sour cherries and covered in chocolate ganache. And decorated in a real kitsch way. Let’s hope she likes it.


Italian coffee – for relaxed mornings at the weekend, perfect for catching up over. My girl is of the age now where we can both sit down with a freshly brewed coffee in cafetiere, few nibbles and enjoy each other’s company. I love having coffee with her as it means uninterrupted time together.


Chocolate filled rolls from Italy, Turkish Delight and gingerbread from Germany – gorgeously delicious selection to accompany our coffee. Each one extra special and with contrasting textures and flavours.


Chocolate filled wafer rolls – another little gift from Mr A. They are utterly delicious, soft and gooey dark chocolate filling enveloped by crumbly layered wafer. Very special indeed.


Gingerbread – deeply spiced cake that is highly fragrant with ginger, nutmeg and spices. One tiny piece is enough to awaken my senses.


Turkish delight – tiny cubes of this delicious sweet with nuts suspended within it and coated in coconut shavings. Utterly moreish.


Prosciutto and Tête de Moine filled focaccia – a huge slab of freshly baked focaccia is resting in my kitchen. I had followed the recipe published by Celia on her blog and added to it our deli leftovers including quince jelly. It will feed us for a couple of days, whether as open sandwich topped with rocket, fresh tomatoes, bocconcini and balsamic glaze or as an accompaniment to hearty soups.


Eggplants – something we hardly ever eat. I was charmed by their glossy, deep purple almost black skins glistening in the shop. So now, three of them are sat in my kitchen and I am looking for an inspiration as to how best to showcase their flavours. I personally love baba ganoush so it might be that these will end up as this smokey dip…

FullSizeRender (1)

Hyacinths – I am so excited to see the first bud peering in between the leaves! It has taken almost a whole month since I have blogged about them here and I cannot wait for the blooms. The pail is sitting happily in the centre of our kitchen table and any day soon I will know what colour these are!


A wedding invitation – last but not least, there is a wedding invitation sitting on the fireplace in the kitchen. It arrived by hand heralding the big day for our friends and we are happy to have been invited to be a part of their special celebration. Plus it means a naughty but nice weekend away with Mr A. Added bonus!

So that is my kitchen this month. I’d love to hear what is in yours…

33 thoughts on “In my kitchen – February 2015

  1. Ania, your IMK post awakened my senses to colors, possibilities, and flavors. What a delightful mix! Your cherry chocolate cake looks and sounds superb, and your coffee times with your daughter made me smile. My “little girl” (almost 30 now!) and I have “coffee dates” with her over the phone. Here’s to uninterrupted time.

  2. Loving, loving, loving your pink tipped tulips Ania – they’re gorgeous & very girlie! How good is a microplane? I use it to grate my garlic, ginger and zest all citrus peel! It’s one kitchen gadget I can’t do without 🙂 Thank you for sharing all the goodies in your kitchen this month

  3. Tulips! I didn’t realise they were in season – yours are absolutely stunning! I have that microplane zester as well – doesn’t it work brilliantly! I don’t know if I could resist those Italian chocolate filled rolls… 🙂

  4. This is the third post in a row about gingerbread – someone is trying to tell me something! What a feast of lovely things you have in your kitchen. Cherries and chocolate cake for me too I think. It’s been over a year since I did an IMK post – where does the time go.

  5. I love cherries too so good to see them being so well used! There a veritable Aladdin’s cave of goodies in your kitchen this month. The shot of the coffee pot and ramekins looks like it’s out of a Valentines Day photo shoot. And a weekend away to look forward to also… cheers Fiona xx

  6. Mmmm sour cherries. Ania, they look so glossy and rich. A super quick dessert idea… cherries on a bed of mascarpone with some grated chocolate atop (hello microplaner).

  7. What beautiful tulips and I love hyacinths! The cherries and vodka sound wonderful. What a gorgeous looking cake you made, such a lucky daughter. Lovely looking focaccia as well.

  8. What a lot of beautiful things you have in your kitchen. The tulips are gorgeous and I’m sure the hyacinths will be stunning. I love the Turkish delight and the gingerbread and your focaccia looks like it turned out really well xx

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