In my kitchen – December 2015

Hello there! Welcome to my December kitchen that is full of new shiny birthday pressies and goodies from last month. What can I say, I am a very lucky girl indeed with very special people in my life. I am also starting to feel just a little bit excited too as my Dad is coming over later this month and am slowly getting into the festive spirit with my kitchen smelling of pine trees, cinnamon, clove and ginger amongst others. Take a deep breath and sit down with me for a minute or two to enjoy it.


Glass tea set – a double walled teapot, cups and a glass tea warmer were gifted to me by my children. How cute is that little teapot! And it pours beautifully too – the most important quality in a teapot as far as I am concerned. The warmer keeps the tea nice and hot and there is something quite special about taking time out to wrap your hands around a steaming hot cup of tea and spending few minutes just enjoying this simple pleasure. A very thoughtful gift indeed and I love it.


Artisan flowering tea caddy – to go with the glass set. It’s full of individually wrapped blooming tea bulbs that are hand made. They combine green tea silver needle, jasmine, rose buds, marigolds, lilly and chrysanthemum. They are simply stunning. It is fascinating to sit here at my kitchen table and watch the flower unfold in the hot water. Beautiful, both is appearance and in taste and definitely aiding few chilled out moments.


A set of Global knives – these are super sharp and I am in awe how easy they cut through all sorts of foods. Mr A surprised me with these after hearing me moaning about our old knives. They are a pleasure to work with and cut the toughest of meats like through a soft butter. The children are staying clear of these as we don’t want any accidental injuries so I have another set of knives which they feel more comfortable using.


French  butter waffles and macarons – those who read my very first post ever here, might recall that Mr A gifted these particular macarons to me last year for Christmas. I loved them so much that he searched for them again and surprised me with another tin for my birthday. The waffles are equally delicious, sweet and buttery with a crisp snap. I’m munching on one as I type this so that Mr A has a reason to restock them in time for Christmas…


Sloe Gin and a silver plated tray –  are new additions to my drinks paraphernalia. The tray is double handled so perfect for carrying drinks from one room to another without them spilling everywhere.  And it would not be a birthday celebration without a few cocktails and glasses of fizz thrown in. Sloe Royals are one of my favourites. Cheers!


Silver plated basket and clementines – are on my kitchen table and adding that little bit of Christmas spirit. Neither of these are new fixtures, in fact the basket is second hand and bought several years ago. I enjoy the notion of polishing the silver back to its gleaming glory. I have this little basket filled with clementines at the start of the month which closer to Christmas will be replaced by the deeply alcoholic cherry chocolates instead. It really is the best time of the year, isn’t it?


Christmas glass decorations – two new ones were given to me by a dear friend of mine as part of my birthday gift. I love the fact she adds to our Christmas tree history and each year when I will hang them on the tree, she will be closely in my heart, no matter where in the world and our life journeys we might be. Thank you x


A new bowl brimming with hazelnuts – another second hand find and birthday gift that came all the way from Bath. You can’t see its beautiful pattern in this photo but if you check out my recipe for crispy kale winter salad, you will be able to admire its glory. The only thing missing is a nutcracker now since my boy has managed to smash our old one on a particularly hard nut. But it does mean the nuts will last a little bit longer.


Green foliages and candles – are gracing my kitchen windowsill. The foliages and dried birch branches are the remains of my several birthday bouquets long after the beautiful cut flowers had died. It’s simple and understated. I am now lighting the candles earlier and earlier in the day and they add a soft, warm glow to our dining table. There is something very soothing about a flickering candle light.


Christmas wreath with holly – I normally make our Christmas wreath every year. But this month is proving to be a little bit crazy and long days at work and busy weekends are making it impossible. Since yesterday was a Small Business Saturday here in the UK, I took a full advantage of supporting a local farm and purchased this wreath instead. It’s gloriously thick and glossy and studded with red berries. I won’t be adding much to it other than the red decorative ribbon that I have already wrapped around it which will be joined by a red bow at the top once we hang it. Perfectly Christmassy.


Wooden mushrooms – another item that is produced on the farm are these cute little wooden mushrooms. I have a particular fondness for fungi and find them charming and fascinating. The big mushroom was in fact hidden under the Christmas tree for me last year by Mr A. so when I popped into the farm yesterday and saw these two cute little ones, I had to buy them to join the original one. They look and feel beautiful and I love how the natural grain of the wood is making each one of them unique. Gorgeous woodwork.


Homemade Christmas cake –  my first one ever. It has been maturing in my kitchen on the dresser for several weeks now and I am regularly feeding it with Bourbon and strong tea. I am planning on decorating it simply with marzipan and some icing closer to the big day. I am also keeping everything crossed it turns out all right, both in taste and appearance!


Polish traditional gingerbread dough – is also maturing in my fridge. I hosted “Stir-Up Sunday but not as you know it” virtual event here couple of weeks ago and it was great fun to have others joining in with me. Our doughs have been made and are now safely tucked up in the fridges waiting to be baked and layered with marzipan, plum jam and other goodies few days before Christmas. I can’t imagine Christmas day without a slice of piernik, full of spice and aromas. I also have some left over home made ginger spice which will be added to hot chocolates and lattes too.

So that is my kitchen this month. I can’t quite believe a whole year has gone and this is my twelfth instalment of IMK as well as being the last one hosted by Celia for now. You see, this is the beautiful thing about the IMK: we might be thousands miles apart yet in that first year I have been made to feel welcome and a part of this wonderful community Celia has created and nurtured. But IMK is not stopping, it is moving and will be hosted by Maureen from next month and I am looking forward to it already. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to read this and your support, it means a lot to me. Wishing you a joyous month ahead xx

5 thoughts on “In my kitchen – December 2015

  1. Such wonderful birthday gifts. Hubby must be a keeper, what a wonderful set of knives and treats too! Prosecco is lovely this time of year and it looks fantastic on your tray. My nut cracker works just fine and the boys aren’t afraid to use it, leaving messes all over the kitchen table! Your kitchen is very festive looking, I am behind in that department. I did manage to get all the holiday dishes out over the weekend and put up decorations today. Now to get myself feeling better and the baking can commence. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. Happy belated birthday! You have SO many wonderful treats in your kitchen I don’t know where to start. Well, OK then, Mr A is a keeper if he’s bringing you French macarons and waffles and a set of Global knives for you birthday.
    Your Christmas cake is certainly full of Christmas spirit – I hope you don’t plan on eating it for breakfast 🙂

  3. So many wonderful and special things here Ania!!! I just love the tins the waffles and macarons come in, I’d die for a set of those globe knives and proscecco is my fav so I think I must come around at once!!! hehehe Jan x

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