Happy Saturday

IMG_8464Happy Saturday. Brr! It certainly feels like winter today. Brr!

Even Poppy refused to go for a walk. So instead we had a wonder around the garden and found these beauties plentifully swaying in the cold wind. Seems the hellebores are home to few caterpillars judging by the nibbled petals and leaves!


Snowdrops were even more difficult to capture with their little heads moved by the slightest wind gust. I love their gracefulness and simple beauty. They certainly herald the forthcoming arrival of spring.


And it seems the camellia has burst into life – the tree is covered in beautiful snow-white  blooms, perfectly contrasting against the deep green glossy leaves. It looks stunning against the grey January sky.

We returned to a warm house and welcoming log fire with Jess curled up in front of it. All paws and purrs. Happy Saturday x

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