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Hi there and welcome to Milk, Toast & Honey.

I’m Ania and I was born and raised in Poland before moving 1000 miles away from home and have resided in England ever since. I share my life with my English husband, two fantastic teenagers who make us laugh every day, two awesome dogs Poppy & Amber and an accident prone cat Jess (she’s my varius manx).

I love long walks in autumn, log fires in winter, open windows in spring and star gazing in summer. I collect cookery books and read them in bed before going to sleep. I often cry whilst watching movies. I am told I am quite particular about my coffee table arrangements… And that I never forget. That might be down to the Scorpio in me.

My childhood memories are all about large family gatherings with plenty of food, laughter and togetherness. My Mum was an excellent cook and baker and her food had the ability to pull everyone together and make things better. I guess this is where my love of cooking stems from. It gives me an opportunity to show my appreciation and to say thank you to family and friends I share my life with.

I was inspired and eagerly nagged encouraged by my nearest and dearest to create a space where I could collect and share some of my favourite things. So when I’m not writing about food, I’m probably photographing it instead. You can find my creative outlet through IG posts under #aniaskitchen.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoy reading my blog and I’d love for you to get in touch.


8 thoughts on “About Milk, Toast & Honey

  1. Well done Ania! This is amazing I just love what you are doing! Get very excited waiting for your next post!
    I would like your book please!!
    Thank you

  2. Hi Ania!

    What a wonderful idea to start a blog! I love your posts and recipes and your warm, witty posts. Keep up the writing, cooking and Instagramming.


    Kasia H

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